Disability services

Tradern Australia (TAUS) Care is a registered service provider under NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme). Our aim is to provide support services to people who have disability to attain maximum benefit and support under NDIS that enables the participant to live as autonomously as possible.
Our Services under NDIS are listed below. These support services are provided individually to participants in a range of environments, including but not limited to, the participant’s own home.

We comply with the standards of Human Services Quality Framework (HSQF) approved under NDIS.
Our safeguards include criminal history screening under the yellow card system of all staff that willbe engaged to provide supports to participants of NDIS.

Assistance with daily living

Assistance with standard and high intensity self-care activities comes under the core support services. Our support staff will undertake essential household tasks that the participant is not able to undertake themselves.

Home Modifications

We work with our partner agencies in the installation of equipment or changes to non-structural components of the building and installation of fixtures or fittings to enable participants to live as independently as possible or to live safely at home. This will involve the quote process.

Assistance with Social and Community Participation

This support if included in the participants plan, enables them to pursue recreational activities and engage in the community. This helps the participants, particularly if they are at risk of being socially isolated. Under NDIS, We provide support services to enable client to engage in community/social or recreational activities within the community. If this assistance is required, we will arrange this in advance with participants and include in the plan.

Improved Health and Wellbeing

Individual advice to a participant on managing diet for health and wellbeing due to the impact of their disability. We also organise group based specialist dietary advice on managing diet.Exercise physiology include individual advice to a participant regarding exercise required due to the impact of their disability and this can be done in group setting of 3 participants.

Plan Management

Setting up and undertaking regular liaison with providers and monitoring support provision. This service requires one-off setting up of the financial management arrangements for managing of funding of supports.

Improved daily Living skills

Our services to improve your daily living skills include assistance with decision making, daily planning and budgeting. We provide time limited support to assist a person to develop and maintain daily budget, including assisting in planning purchases.

Our care team will organise Individual assessment and support by a Nurse for the Provision of care, training and supervision of a delegated worker to respond to the complex care needs of a participant where that care is not the usual responsibility of the Health System. There are various aspects and categories associated with the improved daily living category. For more information to assist you with the best suitable that suits your requirement, please contact us. We can provide you with the detailed information of packages and unit charges.

Community Nursing Care

NDIS support for nursing care comes under capacity-building. It is important to mention about in the NDIS meeting so we can assist in implementing the required supports and how these can effectively contribute to your life independence and build your capacity.

To increase your chances to receive these nursing services under NDIS Plan, ask our team here at TAUS Care. We can help you demonstrate how the nursing supports are linked to your disability and how they can be utilised to build your capacity.

If you like to receive private care services (for plan that doesn’t include the appropriate level of support under NDIS), you can fund these services yourself or receive them via the State Health System. These services can be purchased directly from TAUS Care with your own funds.

To find out more about the NDIS and the services TAUS Care is offering, please call our care team on 07 3181 5655 or send us a message with your contact number and convenient time, one of our care managers will call back and provide information. You may request for a face to face consultation if required.