Remote Health Monitoring solutions enable timely, accurate and efficient management of chronic conditions, through the remote monitoring of health parameters and the delivery of targeted clinical support that improves health program compliance. It also helps people understand and manage their health, enabling them to monitor at home and enjoy life with their family and friends.

TAUS Care with Australia’s leading Health technology partner Tunstall, deliver remote monitoring of chronic conditions through health monitoring equipment and digital mobile technology, remotely supported by a team of qualified medical professionals. It enables patients, carers and healthcare professionals to access data and information more easily and improve the quality and outcomes of both health and social care.

Remote Health Monitoring is used to manage multiple health conditions including:

  • Lung disease e.g. cystic fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Asthma – hub + pulse oximetry + Lung monitor + appropriate lung health interview.
  • Heart disease – hypertension, congestive heart failure (CHF), cardio vascular disease (CVD) – hub + blood pressure + pulse oximetry + weight + relevant health interview.
  • Diabetes – hub + blood pressure + weight + blood glucose + relevant diabetes health interview.
  • Weight management – hub + blood pressure + weight + health and lifestyle interview.
  • Medication compliance – hub + video conferencing + medication reminders.
  • Palliative care – hub + video conferencing + Health interviews: K10, Pain management interview, peripherals as required. Multi-user setup to enable carer support.
  • Mental Health – hub + health interviews: K10, pain interview, optional extra to add the Clevertar interactive app supporting anxiety and depression.

Client benefits and outcomes:

  • Client empowerment, obtained through information provision and active involvement in the management of their condition;
  • Reduced hospital stays;
  • Fewer outpatient attendances;
  • Cost savings for clients through reduced travel and cost of parking at hospitals;
  • Earlier detection, diagnosis and treatment;
  • Reduced stress and greater convenience; and
  • Improved quality of life.

We focus on providing services involving the deployment of medically-approved devices, generating accurate, actionable, clinically reliable data, supported by expert clinical advice and support, as appropriate.

The Integrated Care Platform (ICP), supports people with long-term conditions to monitor their own vital signs from home, with the reassurance that if readings go beyond set limits, the clients care team will be informed.

Remote Health Monitoring improves the patients understanding of their condition, which in turn increases their confidence and empowers them to manage their own health with the support of the health and care team.