In-home care services for seniors in Queensland

Queensland has a high standard of aged and community care, highly skilled health professionals and integrated facilities. At TAUS Care we put service quality and client relationship first. We will work with you to establish a SUPPORT TEAM who are matched to your needs and who will help you achieve your goals. Our in-home care givers and health professionals support you to enhance the quality of life, support your independence, and respect your personal choice and needs.

Our living assistance services include:

Care Manahement

Care Management

Comprehensive evaluation of client needs and co-ordination of care plan. This is a collaborative process that provides support for the medical, physical, emotional and social needs of older adults.
In cases where nursing homes and other institutional settings are inappropriate, case management serves as an effective means of older adults. The process will include identifying needed services, agreement on the care management plan,employing and providing orientation and training for the caregivers and ongoing coordination /communication with health professionals and family members.

Assistance at home

Providing support for your everyday living and to maintain the lifestyle you like at home. Our care givers can also assist you in the management of medical appointments and schedules.

Personal Care and Assistance

We deliver safe, high quality care taking care of your priorities, respect and dignity to support your daily living

24 Hour Care

Overcome the challenging health situations when you need assistance round the clock and take the help you need 24x 7. Nursing Homes are NOT only your option.


Our In-home care companion can understand your health needs and can assist with healthy social interactions that promote good physical and mental health. We can work with your schedule and develop a plan that suits you.


With TAUS Care you can get where you want and socially be connected, attend to your medical appointments and shopping. Our transport services can be suited to your needs, lifestyle and schedule.You will not miss out on the things that you love to do just because you can’t drive.

Dementia Care

We do provide that special care for people with dementia identify effective ways of providing support and training to carers and family members. This could include our support services of educating the families involved in the person’s care through counselling, training in techniques for behavioural management and participation in support groups. This can significantly reduce depression, anger, tension, fatigue and confusion in carers.

Transition/Post Hospital Care

Our carers can assist from hospital discharge to organising the necessary things that you need at home when you return back from hospital. As hospital admissions often happens in a rush, the Transition/post hospital care will see you safely returned home and settled, giving you the confidence and comfort. For those who need more specialised care on discharge from the hospital, our highly skilled registered nurses can support with the management of wounds, assistance with injections or ongoing assessment and support of your health care needs.